Add reason for Do not send mail to this address when adding a new address

When you add a new address to a constituent record, it allows you to pick the old address that the person moved/changed from. CRM automatically adds an end date and automatically checks "Do not send mail to this address" but it doesn't allow you to add any reasons while inputting the new address. You still have to go into the address you've just replaced and add a reason

  • Linda Arocho
  • Sep 10 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York
Reported Version 4.0
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  • Stephanie Boyce commented
    September 11, 2019 15:26

    This should really be an out of box feature. It makes for clean data, especially when you find out that address is associated with someone else by the same name, when you have the reason type you know never to add it back again!

  • Stephanie Krebs commented
    October 16, 2019 22:01

    I appreciate the bounce information provided by BBIS, but it would be a great addition to track the bounced reasons for other areas that submit bounced information, such as DO contact.