Create an option for a donor to receive credit on a matching claim when they make a payment through a third party (DAF, Foundation, etc.)

When an alumnus or other individual makes a gift through a third party (DAF, Foundation, etc.) the alumnus does not automatically get recognition credit on the matching claim. We have to manually add that credit to the matching claim. If we modify the claim amount, we get a message that asks if we want to reset the recognition credits on the new amount. When we say Yes, the recognition that was manually entered disappears. We have to go back and re-enter the recognition credit.

However, if we only edit the date and/or designation, there is no longer a prompt message; the recognition resets without warning and erases the recognition that was added manually.

It's tricky because resetting the recognition is actually necessary in any case (for the edited values), but we don't want that process to erase the donor names we added to the claim recognition.

If we click No, the manually added information is preserved, but the operator has to remember to go to the claim recognition and update the value that was edited on the claim. This can be easily missed.

  • Jennier Morell
  • Apr 23 2020
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
Reported Version 4.0
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