If changes are made to an address after submitting it to AddressFinder, that address should trigger an exception when importing the updated

An organization often has many addresses that get updated in the database between the time that an address file is sent for Address Finder update and the time that the updated information is imported back into the database. Therefore, they want to be able to easily spot these addresses that have changed during the interim, so they can decide whether to apply the updated information to those records. Please add a way to be notified that an address in the import file has been updated since the time it was exported, possibly by comparing the “date last changed” as a means of knowing which records may have changed.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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  • Mary Ellen Caskenette commented
    December 07, 2016 20:06

    Agree .. it would be helpful to have create dates, change dates, verify date and change user for the contact information so when external batches of 'updated' information comes back to the CRM these dates can be utilized to make decisions about updating the information or not!