Start/End date on contact detail updates from BBIS forms

For any address, email, and phone and from v3.0 social media updates from BBIS, we would like there to be a start date and a source. We would also like there to be a default start date of the date the profile update was submitted/processed through batch (either fine) and a default source which can be set for the BBIS batch, i.e. that it’s come from the online update form. On the profile update form, we would like it to be possible for alumni to make it clear whether the previous contact details, if there was one, is still valid or not. If they mark that it isn't, then the batch should simultaneously mark it as inactive and put an end date on the piece of information, and ideally a comment which explains where it's come from (or update the source with this). If it remains a valid contact detail then it should be clear to the person updating the details online which they want to be primary, old or new, and any change in primary flag should be brought through by the batch.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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