Team setup tab additional features request

1. Team set-up tab to have a search function (by participant name and team name) - The list of team appearing in the Team setup Tab for a big event is too long. A search functionality on Participant name or Team Name will facilitate users to search for Teams easily rather scrolling up an down through the list. 2. Be able to access registrant information from the team set-up tab - Currently, there is no way to access the Registrant details from the Team set-up tab, the facility to have this functionality will allow users to access the Registrant details. 3. Be able to export team information into excel e.g. name and members of an individual team. - Currently, there is no way to export the team information in an excel spreadsheet from the Team setup tab at present. The ability to export the name and members of an individual team will be useful to have the full list of registrants along with Team name for the event.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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