Reflecting Guests Attendance through Events

Currently users are unable to "Mark as will not attend" or "Mark as Cancelled" as guests to hosts within events. Example would be if John Smith was the main registrant and Jane Smith was his guest, John was able to come to the event but Jane wasn't. The user can mark John's attendance as "Attended" however is unable to mark Jane as "will not attend" or "cancelled". Current workaround for this at the moment just seems to be having to remove the guest registration and re-registering them as an individual registrant and then setting the appropriate status of "will not attend". Can you please investigate the possibility of adding the ability of allowing guests to select all 3 statuses of "Attended, Will not attend and cancelled", furthermore also allowing the guests to have different statuses to their hosts within events. Is their any plan to fix this soon?
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  • Jun 29 2015
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