Evaluate the flow of the new Event Registration Form

We were interested in using the new Event Registration Form in BBIS as we are aware that it contains new features and is overall more powerful that the Classic Event Registration Form.
However, when I set up the part on a blank page and connected to a golf tournament event in CRM, I was presented with something a little less intuitive than I'd like it to be.
The first step of the process, "Attendees" was asking for my information, so I entered it and clicked Continue.
The second step, "Select events," is exactly that, so I select the golf tournament I have connected to the form.
I am then presented with the registration options available for the event, and since this is a golf tournament, I choose the Foursome option I have made available (this option has been configured in CRM to have 4 registrants/attendees).
When I go to select the Foursome option via the drop down box, I am not presented with anything to select.
In order to get a 1 to appear in that drop down so that I can register a single foursome for this tournament, I have to start the form completely over and add the attendees before I select the event I am registering for.
So, essentially, anyone registering for events using this form will have to know to add all the attendees before they know what event they are registering for. This presents another issue considering you can tie multiple events to the same Event Registration Form, because if I wanted to register me and a guest to a dinner (Event A, for example) and me and three other guests for a foursome (Event B), then I would have to know to go ahead and enter all 5 attendees on the first screen before I specify what event I want to register for.

My suggestion is to edit the flow of the form like so:
1) Select the event you are attending from a list of available events
2) Select the options within that particular event (modal dialog box)
3) List who will be attending based on the option you select (continued modal dialog box)
4) Once finished with that particular event and its attendees, (modal dialog box goes away) user is again presented with the list of available events they can register for (step 1), so they can register for another if they'd like (which would repeat steps 2 and 3)
5) Confirmation Page
6) Checkout


  • Clay Walls
  • Jun 21 2018
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  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    June 25, 2018 16:33

    Thank you for your feedback!  We do have some things coming out in SP17 to help address some of what you're experiencing. We will be adding an optional WYSIWYG above the form (similar to what you can do with a formatted text/image part) that gives you the opportunity to educate your users about the event prior to them entering in attendee information. There will be both merge fields you can use if there is just one event on the form, or a standard free form text area.

    We will be continuing to do discovery as we continue to iterate on this form and user experience. If you'd like to be added to our "events" customer discovery list to be contacted about future events-related discovery opportunities, please email me at samantha.mcguin@blackbaud.com.