Allow attachments to be sent with BBIS emails

Please allow us to add an attachment to a BBIS email template.  One particular use case is for our scheduled welcome emails to include a PDF attachment of our terms and conditions, which we are legally required to send new regular givers.  We are not allowed to just send a link - we have to include the Ts & Cs.

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  • Jul 31 2018
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  • Linda Munoz commented
    29 May, 2020 01:46am

    Yes as link is not viable.

  • Jacquie Scott commented
    23 May, 2020 12:47am

    Such a necessary function - yes please!

  • Raine Dixon commented
    20 May, 2020 12:41am


  • Guest commented
    20 Aug, 2018 12:30am

    Hi Samantha, we're after a static inclusion - the same for all recipients.  Thanks, David.

  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    17 Aug, 2018 10:14pm

    Hi!  Thanks for this Idea!  One followup question I have for you - are you looking for the attachment to be static - ie, the same attachment for all recipients of the message, or are you looking for the attachment to include merge field data?