Add functionality to set ticket-level capacity on BBIS Event parts

Currently Events parts in BBIS can only be set to event-level capacity. Please can you add functionality to set ticket-level capacity?


For most events at UCL we need to cap the number of a certain type of registrant. 


  • At an Alumni and Student event, we don’t want the event to be flooded with Students, so we need to set a cap on Student tickets.
  • For an Alumni and Guests event, we want most of the attendees to be Alumni, and only a proportion are allowed to be Guests; we need to set a cap on Guest tickets. 

We have been using COER (Custom Online Event Registration) module, a pre-existing customisation from Blackbaud, which has functionality to set the BBIS part to adhere to the ticket-level capacity (as set on CRM in the Event>Options tab), or to event-level capacity.

UCL is keen to move over to using Events 2.0 entirely, but ticket-level capacity is a big deal for our users. The only workaround we have identified so far, is to monitor ticket sales manually, and then switch off the Student/Guest tickets once the cap is reached, but this is not ideal and can be breached. 


Sue watts - UCL

  • Sue Watts
  • Jul 1 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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