Break Update Profile batch loads in to smaller batches based on ease of data entry.

Suggested break-out points.
1. A CUB batch that would allow contact data (HOME address, emails, phones, name changes, spouse/partner links) to be processed with minimal scrutiny by any updater.

2. Another batch that houses employment data so it could be reviewed and manually entered by a more experienced updater.  This data often comes back without an address for the organization, or it may simply state the record holder is retired.

3. Another batch that houses Attributes, Involvements, or Committee association data.  This data needs to be reviewed to make sure the record holder is/was really a part of the group before being entered into our CRM.

4. Another batch that just loads without any scrutiny (Interests, social media accounts, existing data the record holder doesn't want published).


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  • Becky Batman
  • Nov 10 2016
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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