Hide Blackbaud WebMethods API pages from Google Indexing

We use BBIS to produce and publish our website for constituent engagement. We discovered that Google, along with indexing the web pages we produce and published through BBIS, is also indexing Blackbaud-generated API pages (WebMethods/“webservices”).

Blackbaud recommended a resolution using the robots.txt file. This solution only provided a temporary fix. Google recommends that robots.txt should not be used to permanently remove items from the index; instead, the proper solution is would be for Blackbaud to add the noindex meta tag to all WebMethods pages (add meta name="robots" content="noindex" inside the head tag of each of those pages).

The inclusion of these Blackbaud API web pages in our Google index pages clutters our results and slows our ability to evaluate web traffic and statistics. A relative example would be Blackbaud web statistics being cluttered with Azure info pages from Microsoft.

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  • Apr 10 2020
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