Add Direct Debit support to Advanced Donation Form

I gather the long-term goal for the Advanced Donation Form part is parity with the functionality in the out-of-the-box Donation Form part.

At present, the ADF can only take single and recurring gifts if paid by Credit Card. It would be extremely useful if it could also handle recurring Direct Debit gifts.

Because the ADF does not include this functionality, organisations and charities who typically take recurring gifts by Direct Debit may be dissuaded from using it as it would prevent them from taking online gifts this way (or they would have to set up, maintain and send traffic between seperate forms for single/Credit Card gifts and Direct Debit gifts).

At present it seems the ADF part is only used by BBIS customers in the US. As Direct Debit is often used for taking regular payments in the UK, adding this functionality to the ADF would mean more UK customers would be interested in using the part  and reaping its benefits.

We've got a few ideas and plans for making good use of the ADF here in Oxford, but lack of Direct Debit support hinders those plans, so we'd be very keen to see this functionality added!

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  • Oct 27 2017
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    27 Oct, 2017 11:25am

    That's odd - I signed into the Ideas board but it's showing I posted this as a guest instead of by name (Ashley Culley).