BBIS Leadmanagement form

BBIS is lacking a configurable form, to generate leads into CRM. The form should be easy to configure, with the possibility to only ask for name and email but also be able to add more fileds like organization, address phone and notes to the form and ask for the GDPR concent form.


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  • Jan 26 2018
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    Samantha McGuin commented
    30 Apr, 2018 03:22pm

    We have shipped a new part type of "Acquisition Form" with SP16.   Miya, I am moving your additional requirements around organization matching and notes to a new Ideas entry:

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    Samantha McGuin commented
    29 Jan, 2018 04:52pm

    Thanks for this additional information Miya!

    We will not likely have these fields on the first release out but I will add to my list of fields we want to add.

    We do not typically support iframing in our forms; this ability was removed in the past few years due to security concerns. This will be a standard part you can put on any BBIS page.


  • Miya Serenius commented
    29 Jan, 2018 02:55pm

    We are collecting leads for both schools and corporates and for that we need to have the organization name also. In tgat way we can match the new lead to the correct orgaization in our database or create a new if the organization does not exist.


    The notes part wouldgive us the ability to collect som additional information from the lead. This is not the most critical part, but gives us flexibility to use this form in many ways.


    I hope this will be a form that can be added by iFrame to any webpage, as that is critical 

  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    29 Jan, 2018 02:20pm

    We are planning to release a new part called an "Acquisition Form" in SP16. This will support your typical bio fields (Name, address, email, etc.) and will include the GDPR consent capabilities.

    We are not currently planning to collect Organization or Notes at first release. Can you give me some more information on what you would see yourself collecting in those fields?