Upgrade to new version of RECAPTCHA

Our donors are getting very frustrated with the reCAPTCHA phrases. We would like Blackbaud to look into offering alternatives for us to choose from based on our needs.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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    Samantha McGuin commented
    3 Jan, 2017 05:59pm

    This idea has been shipped with in SP11, available December 19 2016. ReCAPTCHA has been updated on all forms and the ability to turn reCAPTCHA on via a form specific configuration is available for parts using our Blackbaud Secure Payments page for payment entry (Payment 2.0, Advanced Donation Form, Event Registration Form.)

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    Samantha McGuin commented
    2 Dec, 2015 04:34pm

    While we are not currently planning to offer other alternatives to RECAPTCHA, we are planning to update to Recaptcha v2 in a future release.

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