Allow user to edit the text on the Additional Donation Pop Up

Currently the Add Additional Donation option only allows you to change the text on the button in the language section of the form.  We would like the option to tailor the language on the popup box to customize the ask.  The current example that comes to mind is for our senior class gifts.  Rather than the pop up saying "Would you like to make a donation?", we would like it to say something like "Would you like to donate to the Class of 2019 Senior Challenge?"  This makes it clear to the end user that they are giving to a specific campaign, designation or appeal.  It would also be helpful if we could edit the second line as well (i.e., the test that states "Select your gift amount  and click Donate Now."  This would especially be helpful if we've edited the "Donate Now" button to read something else, like "Make Your Senior Gift."

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  • Feb 22 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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