Make eReceipting part of BBCRM/BBIS Core

Blackbaud should make their eReceipt feature pack part of core instead of trying to charge customers more for this "feature".

Blackbaud makes products for non-profit companies to manage transactions and donations through online portals. They are pushing their clients to go to their hosted solutions. So it seems outrageous that they don't natively support a functional eReceipt process.

This is a feature that can be used across all verticals as all non-profits are in the business of raising donations for their specific causes.  In their demo video they show it is a custom part in BBIS and some extended functionality in BBCRM.

Adding this to BBCRM/BBIS core would really  benefit the donation experience for all donors as well as relieve a lot of stress and unnecessary work from employees

  • Michael Kracke
  • Sep 9 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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