Allow Benefits to leverage GL segment mapping, based on Designation, Purpose, and/or Event.

Although BCRM's built-in help files say that GL distributions for Benefit Items can leverage GL segment mapping for other segments in the GL doesn't work.

Our multi-site org needs to add specific Benefit Items to Event Registration options, with the Benefit Item's revenue application tied in the GL to the Designation used for the Event Registration revenue.

But even when the Designation, Appeal, and other items are all defined on the Event Registration, the Benefit-related strings look like this:

Debit: xxxx-x-xxxxxxxxx-CASH-xxx-xxxxx
Credit: xxxx-x-xxxxxxxxx-BNFT-xxx-xxxxx

No GL segment mapping actually works with Benefit Items on Events. We can't add handfuls of new, event-specific Benefit Items for every event (of which there are over 1,000 events every year across ours Sites), and then manually add individual GL Account transaction mappings for the Debit & Credit of each and every new event-specific Benefit Item we add to the system.
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  • Nov 9 2015
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