Add the ability to add custom options on an Advanced Donation Form that will show on Blackbaud Payment Services

The Advanced Donation Form in Blackbaud Internet Solutions allows us to add custom State/Province information through HTML. When this information is sent to a Payment 2.0 part, the Blackbaud Payment Services website does not show the custom information. The only available options are the ISO-3166 standards.

For example:
If a donor selects "South Carolina" from the state field, it will show on the Payment Services page.
If a donor selects a non-ISO standard value that was added to the state listing (e.g. CustomState), then when continuing to the Payment Services page, the State field is A) Not set to the selected value before navigation, and B) The custom value is not present in the State fields drop down list options.
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  • Nov 9 2015
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