Change your process so that successful BBIS transactions don't fail to get into CRM when a user closes their browser.

We occasionally have users successfully charge transactions that never get into CRM. This is, in part, due to the fact that the process to get transactions in the CRM batch depends on the user keeping their browser open through the entire process after a credit card is charged. This has created some embarrassing situations where users were charged for event registrations or donations that we were unaware of.

I propose that you change your process so that the reconciliation between CRM and BBPS is a pure server-to-server process as opposed to being dependent on the client keeping their web browser open.  I have found this to be a pretty common practice with other e-commerce solutions I have utilized. 

If you ever do go to this model, a side benefit is that you can have a report on what server-to-server calls failed and then set up a process that allows you to retrigger a reconciliation process for any that have failed. 

  • Greg Harmelink
  • Feb 16 2016
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  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    February 22, 2016 18:56

    This idea is currently under review. We encourage users to continue to vote on this idea while we assess solutions and we will post back to this idea soon!

  • Guest commented
    July 19, 2017 19:19

    43 votes, make it happen! :)

  • Daniel Wood commented
    26 Jan 21:49

    Any idea on when this will be available or how it will work?

  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    29 Jan 14:23

    We are rolling this out as part of the Blackbaud Checkout addition to all of our transactional form. This is available currently in our Mini Donation Form, which was released as a beta. While Blackbaud Checkout is more of a UI change, underneath the hood we have completely rewritten the process in which we handoff transaction information back and forth between the BBIS page, Blackbaud Payment Services, and back to BBIS and ultimately CRM.

    This is currently second on our priority list... you should start seeing this rolling out to other parts around SP17.

  • Carol Green commented
    02 Jul 19:39

    This would be very helpful - especially for events where we set capacities. We can't have people showing up for events where we have limited spots (that we didn't know about ahead of time). 

  • Guest commented
    10 Sep 22:12

    We're seeing an increase in these 'orphaned' transactions. Most recently, a donor attempted to make two separate gifts back-to-back. One transaction successfully made it to batch while the other did not. The donor thought there was an error because they didn't receive a second confirmation email and submitted a third gift, resulting in them being charged three times. Luckily, our gift accounting team got in touch with the donor before submitting a fourth charge. In the end, the donor was charged by BBMS three times, while only one transaction made it to batch. This is wreaking havoc on our gift committal process resulting in many refunds and many hours of manual review. Until there is a proper fix, is there something we can kick off on the webserver to trigger transactions that we know are successful transactions? In other words, can we synthetically imitate the 'success authorization' the webserver is looking to BBMS for?

  • Michael Henry commented
    12 Sep 15:42

    This is becoming a serious issue for us. Please ensure that work on a solution is not put on the back burner. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey Coleman commented
    12 Sep 18:58

    Please make this issue a top priority.

  • David Werner commented
    27 Sep 19:40

    This is becoming an escalated issue for us.  We've had two donors in the last two weeks make donations through a BBIS donation form only to discover that we're not able to download the transactions into CRM batch.  Since we use a "gift basket" concept allowing the donor to choose the gift designation from a large selection, the prescribed work-around through a manual batch doesn't allow us to accurately select the designation(s) chosen by the donor.  

  • Ala Rasoul commented
    27 Sep 19:50

    I'm surprised that Blackbaud thinks of this is an "enhancement" and they want us to vote for it! This is a major bug in the system, Blackbaud should have fixed this years ago!