Ability to uncheck "update household phone" per batch

When importing records into a batch the Update household phone is automatically checked. Currently, BBCRM does not have the ability to uncheck this option for phones and emails beyond manual adjustment.

For example; a phone number was given an end date about a year ago and was marked as do not call. The spouse has the same phone number but it is there only phone number so an end date could not be added. The batch will indicate an exception, the batch should not care if the data is not being updated.  If I have a batch of several hundred it takes a lot of manual effort to go into each record and uncheck the Update household phone box. When I try to commit the batch if there are constituents who the same situation with email addresses I have to then go into each record and uncheck the update household email addresses. 

We would like the ability to uncheck the "Update household phone box" per batch or the addition of new batch default settings. 

  • Blake Alford
  • Oct 19 2016
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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Reported Version 4.0
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