Allow global write-off of Recurring Gift past installments

We need the ability to write off 'Past due' or other past expected installments.  The pledge write-off batch and global pledge write-off processes don't work for Recurring Gifts.  We regularly have 'Past due' installments on Recurring Gifts and they cause confusion and sometimes double deductions for supporters.  

Please provide a mechanism to write them off en-masse, presumably via a selection of Recurring Gifts and perhaps some options such as 'Write-off all Past due installments', 'Write-off all but most recent expected installments' and 'Write-off all installments on or prior to a specified date'. (This date should have an option of being 'Today' or 'Yesterday' so that we don't have to manually modify the process each day).  We should also be able to choose the write-off reason code.

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  • Jan 27 2017
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) The Wilderness Society (Australia)
Reported Version 4.0
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    January 27, 2017 03:50

    Oops.  Although I searched before, I didn't find the other idea which is equivalent to this one.  Please instead vote for and implement:

    I'll copy my additional ideas there.