Overhaul the UI/UX of BBCRM 4.0 to Match Raiser's Edge NXT

BBCRM continues to be dated from a UI/UX standpoint. Salesforce and other BB CRM-related products have a much more modern UI/UX.

When looking to migrate external applications into BBCRM, our key stakeholders have passed because users expect a more modern experience.

This has resulted in more .NET development and web app development - when in reality, the applications would be much better suited inside BBCRM.

We know this would be a massive undertaking, but a UI/UX update for BBCRM would better position it against market rivals, allow for more feature sharing across existing BB products and allow current customers the ability to integrate outside apps into the platform.

Would love to hear from anyone else and appreciate the votes.


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  • Nov 7 2018
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Reported Version 4.0
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