Change the language on the SP11 Event Form

Apply to all registrants: Is there a way to change the language so it’s clear this will fill in last name for all registrants? Same for “same as above.” I think it would make more sense if it looked like this:

  1. Last Name (click to apply to all registrants)
  2. Last Name (click if same as above)
  • Christine Goodwin
  • Jun 9 2017
  • Shipped
BBIS / Events
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  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    1 Nov, 2017 09:30pm

    Marked as shipped. With the new user interface in SP14, this function is removed and a more explicit, optional function is added that we believe will be more useful to users.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jun, 2017 12:53pm

    I *really* hate the way those work.  I think it's actually less complicated for them to type the whole thing in again.  I think I actually applied some custom CSS to hide those actions entirely.