Create an ad-hoc query view for BBIS emails

Within ad-hoc query, from the constituent view, you can find the "Community Emails Received" node, which displays information about the emails, but from the constituent view.  We would like to be able to view emails sent from BBIS from a top-level view (emails sent and information about them).  Although BBIS emails are treated as an Appeal Mailing in CRM, an appeal mailing record is not created and therefore this information cannot be surfaced from the Appeal Mailing query view.  We need a query view for this data, either by creating a new view for BBIS emails OR by actually creating an Appeal Mailing record for BBIS emails and thereby enabling the existing query to work for emails sent from BBIS.  

  • Erika Layfield
  • Sep 13 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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