Distinguish between commitments and payments for batch totals

It would be helpful to distinguish between the projected totals for commitments (e.g. pledges and recurring gifts) and cash (payments) when creating or modifyin the properties for a batch. We need to be able to verify the total deposit for a batch separately from any commitments in the batch. Also, the batch totals do not count any transactions "hidden" in the batch, such as when you enter a pledge and corresponding payment in the same batch. If you enter the payment and create the pledge via the apply to commitments form, the pledge is not counted. If you enter the pledge and use the "payment for pledge" option, the payment is not counted in the batch totals. This is misleading and makes it difficult to determine whether your total is correct.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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    12 Aug, 2015 07:20pm

    In addition, the control listing should show both transactions.

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