Enhanced Revenue batch - Auto-apply

While the commitment auto-apply functionality is working as intended not enough thought has been given to the users who enter 100's of items at a time. In the ERB if the amount entered equals one of the commitments for a constituent then the Commitment screen (as in Revenue batch) does not appear and the batch auto-applies the donation to the first commitment. The issue we have with this is that we have a lot of constituents who donate similar amounts to different designations (for example £20 a month to the Bodleian Library and £20 a month to St John's College) and the system places the donation to the first commitment which may not be the correct one. Although it is possible to see the outcome in the Application field this has 3 issues: 1) The field is not wide enough to display the full designation and cannot be set to be wider. 2) You can hover over the field and see the commitment but of course this slows up entry of the batch. 3)While this works very well when entering a few donations if you are entering 100's or 1000's at a time it makes the whole process much slower and inefficient as you would have to check every single commitment to see if the correct commitment has been selected. Batch is supposed to be a fast way to enter donations but the new ERB has made the process more inefficient.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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