Add a way to output name formats in query

Please can you add a way to output a specific name format in query?

In Raiserƒ??s Edge, you can output a specific name format without having to have that name format feature as a query filter.

However, in BBECRM, you can only output the non-specific ƒ??nameƒ?? field, which outputs all the name formats on the record.

The only way to output a single name format in query is to include name format type as a query filter ƒ?? eg name format type = ***** Salutation ƒ?? but this would exclude people who donƒ??t have that name format type.

You can of course output specific name formats in an export definition, but itƒ??s not very convenient when you just want to quickly review data, eg for an event or mailing.
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  • Nov 9 2015
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