add the functionality for batch wealthpoint screenings in CRM to skip a bad address, rather than freezing up the whole batch.

Currently the batch screening will not go through if an address with a bad format is included in the group.  Instead the batch just sits until it is cancelled.  Although results are not returned, the number of screenings is decreased by the number of records in the batch.  This is a very inefficient process.  In large batches, it is easy to miss a bad address included for screening, which results in delayed screening, extensive data searching to find the problem record, and the need to have the records credited back to the account.  The batch process should be easy and efficient to appeal to customers.  These same addresses do not cause any trouble if the wealthpoint screening is run on the individual record, only when included in batch.  If the logic was built into the batch process to skip a record with a bad address, rather than just keep trying and becoming locked, this would no longer be an issue

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  • Feb 17 2016
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) The Ohio State Universtiy
Reported Version 4.0
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