Automatically update projected totals when rejections are removed from a new credit card batch created by a credit card processing process

When we use a 'Credit card processing' process to process the credit card payments using the 'Existing batch' option, the projected totals are updated when rejections are removed from the batch.

However, when we use the same process with the 'New batch' option, the projected totals are not updated.

This means that we then cannot use a 'Commit multiple batches' process to commit the resulting batches, unless we turn off validation in the batch template or a staff member manually opens the batches and updates the projected totals.  The latter defeats the purpose of automatically generating the batches in the first place as part of trying to automate our banking processes.  The former, disabling validation, exposes us to risks if there is something in the batch which should fail validation, either in our automated process or if we should use the same batch template for a manual process.  In general, we try not to disable safety checks as they are there for a reason.

We have worked around the problem for now by disabling the validation but that means that we are taking a slight risk with one of our most fundamental business processes.  It also means that all the committed batches have incorrect totals (which can't even be updated) and hence any reporting or querying from the batch table will produce incorrect results for totals.

Please fix the 'Credit card processing process' so that it behaves the same whether a new or existing batch is chosen, and updates the projected totals when rejections are removed.

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  • Aug 1 2018
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