In BBIS, show all exceptions after clicking Secure Payment Template Update

When the Secure Payment Template Update button is pressed in BBIS (Administration -> Sites and Settings -> Settings tab -> Schedules tab -> Secure Payment Template Update), and there are exceptions (i.e "Completed with 20 exceptions"), these exceptions should be listed and described.


Currently, when the Update completes with exceptions, the errors must be pulled from the dbo.Error table and deciphered. This requires database access which not all BBIS administrators have. This slows down and complicates troubleshooting of template issues.


Suggestion: When the Update button is pressed, and the Template Update completes with exceptions, the exceptions should be displayed on the same page, or on a new window. These exceptions should clearly state the page/template that the exception occurred on, if available, as well as the error message. This will help the BBIS administrator understand the problem much faster.

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  • Mar 11 2016
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