Ability to turn off/on BBDW extended packages

Currently, there is no option to turn off/on a package as and when needed. Being a hosted client, it makes us very dependable on hosting to do this for us through deployment of BBDW by updating the BBDW_PackageList_EXT text file.

The idea is to create a front end configuration screen which can list all extended packages where the user(power user) can go and activate or disable a package. If it is not mandatory to have OOB run all the time, this idea can be used to include OOB packages as well. This would give more control to client to use only those extended packages that they deem fit for their organization (since we all know business processes change all the time and some packages may no longer apply). This also would help in situations when ETL refresh fails and the client wants to run only certain packages. In doing so, the execution time that ETL refresh process normally would take should reduce drastically especially in cases when the client needs to re-run the process during business hours. It also reduces the dependability on Support/Hosting to get this task done. 

  • Satya Atluri
  • Aug 15 2017
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) Wake Forest University
Reported Version 4.0
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