Show commitment past-due amounts in batch so overpayment can be more efficiently applied

Let's create this scenario:

A donor has two commitments. Both have monthly installment amounts of $5 and one is one month past-due. To catch-up on payments for both commitments, the donor makes a payment of $15; $10 to be applied to the past-due commitment and $5 to be applied to the up-to-date commitment.


Current OOB funtionality:

When entering the $15 payment for this donor in an Enhanced Revenue Batch, a CRM user can see that the donor has two commitments (each showing as having only $5 due), but they cannot see that one of these commitments is actually past-due and should have $10 applied to it.


Functionality we'd like:

When applying payments in an ERB, we'd like to see that the past-due-commitment requires a payment of $10 to be considered caught-up without having to navigate out of the batch to the constituent record to find this information.



Having to leave batch to check commitments for donors with what appears to be an overpayment is very time consuming and slows down data entry significantly. Having this information available in the batch Apply form would make this process decidedly more efficient.

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  • Jan 22 2018
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Reported Version 4.0
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