Appeal Mailings-Multiple Deletion that does not remove the reference Records

In CRM you have the option to delete an appeal mailing by doing this it will remove the appeal mailing from the constituents record. In order to maintain a healthy database and stop there from being 1000's of old appeal mailings in one crm you should be able to delete old ones but the reference should stay on the record!! why have the option to delete it if it is going to remove it completely from records it seems abit pointless that the option to delete appeal mailing is there in the first place, because you are going to want to keep them on records for audit purposes that they was mailied in a previous year etc. please can you look at making it not delete from the record and only delete from the appeal mailing section, i also think this will load up the appeal mailing quicker without timeouts. thanks
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  • Jun 29 2015
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