Include qualifying spouses on a single mail piece

We need the ability to combine household members (husband and wife), when both qualify, on a single mail piece with their name in stacked format (one name printed on line 1 and one name on line 2) and have both receive finder numbers and source codes. For example, if Joe and Sally Smith both qualify for the mailing, we want to stack their names on a single mail piece in the highest segment that either qualifies for. However, if in that same mailing, Julie Hansen qualifies but her husband John does not, then only Julie’s name would appear on the mail piece and only Julie would receive a finder number and source code. The names we want to print for the constituents are their preferred names (name displayed at the top of CRM screens). We do not use joint names because they take too much work to keep updated and would have to be maintained on each constituent record and do not address the situation where only one spouse qualifies.
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  • Jun 29 2015
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