Allow the Mini Donation Form to receipt payments as the standard donation form does

We are contemplating using the Mini Donation Form but have discovered that it doesn't do receipting.  The standard donation form can issue an eReceipt and have the donation marked as Receipted with a Receipt Number when it is downloaded to BBCRM.  This is really important.  If we can't do this, then we will go from our donors receiving instant receipts via email to being sent receipts up to four days later when we run our twice weekly receipt process, and some donors will either get paper receipts because the limitations in the ereceipts module mean that we can't send them ereceipts, or in a small proportion of cases getting no receipts.

The Mini Donation Form has some very nice other features and advantages but this is a major problem.

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  • Aug 13 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open