Add functionality to allow Emojis to be sent in the subject line of a BBIS email

Our organization would like to use emojis, which are popular in today's digital interactions, and we think other organizations would do the same

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  • Mar 6 2018
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BBIS / Email
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  • Brooke Mallory commented
    June 07, 2018 19:28

    This is marked as "reviewed," but what is the status? Is this something that is being worked on?

  • Guest commented
    February 01, 2019 14:26

    FYI, you can do emoji's in the subject line, it's a bit tricky.


    Get your Emoji from here:


    Copy the emoji you want, then go here:



    Put in your subject line and paste the emoji and hit "encode it"


    You will not see the emoji in BBIS but it does work when the email is sent!

  • Guest commented
    February 01, 2019 14:26

    (Still would ben ice if Blackbaud would integrate this somehow)

  • Greg Harmelink commented
    October 22, 2019 19:20

    I don't know if it needs to be a separate idea, but emails originating from CRM should really allow subject lines with emojis as well. They used to work, but the functionality disappeared sometime in the past couple of years. The workaround listed doesn't appear to work in emails originating from CRM.