Enable access to add code to the <head> section for Email Messages to allow for responsive emails

Currently BBIS and CRM email messages and templates only allow for code to be added in the <body> tag of the email.  This means <style> tags cannot be used as a lot of browsers require these tags to be placed in the <head> tag.   While most style should be applied in-line to element tags, this doesn't allow us to be able to use @media queries to allow for a multi-column responsive email (or changing of elements, fonts, etc. for smaller devices).

  • Chris Kastner
  • Feb 17 2016
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  • Craig Allen commented
    27 Jan, 2017 06:59am

    It breaks all the rules, and I'm not sure yet how widely supported it is, but on iPhone at least I've discovered that you can put a style declaration block in the body and it will be read. Unfortunately if you add in a viewport meta tag then BBIS strips it out. So BBIS prevents you from producing best practise cross email client compatible responsive emails. And all those beautiful template designs now available won't work properly. But you can get some way there on at least some email clients.

  • Guest commented
    24 May, 2016 07:55pm

    We're delivering responsive email by using Foundation for Emails by Zurb and then pasting the inlined code into the HTML editor.