Interchange Interactions and Plan Steps Easily

Our development officers would love the flexibility of being able to convert an existing interaction to a plan step (and vice versa) when needed, without recreating it. This is especially key for database/CRM prospect management adoption - as they decide what they would like to be part of their plans versus what is just a general touch, it would be beneficial to be able to "move" these tasks around as they see fit. This is a huge drawback for us and an impediment to Plan adoption - many staff do not want to recreate anything that is currently an interaction.
Since they are basically the same on the back end, functionality for end-users to make the switch would be extremely helpful!
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  • Nov 9 2015
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  • Lori Thompson commented
    31 Jan, 2019 09:49pm

    Agree - this is a critical step in being able to turn working with a prospect into working with a plan,.

  • Al Nausedas commented
    18 Jan, 2019 04:57pm
    The lack of this seriously impedes an organization's ability to have fundraisers utilise prospect management in a measureable way.
  • Janine Kyanko commented
    14 Feb, 2018 04:07pm


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