Create additional options to "Calculate amounts as of" field for pledge reminder processes.

We need more useful options on the calculate amounts as of field for pledge reminder processes. The two options presented now are today and <specific date>. When we run reminders at the beginning of the month, we need to calculate amounts as of the last day of the month.

The task to manually update all reminder processes each time we run them is arduous. Our pledge reminder processes can take a few hours to run, so they are scheduled overnight. If the staff member assigned to updating the calculate date fails to complete before the scheduled job runs, we have to manually update and re-run which causes delays.

Several other options would be helpful here. Last day of the current month, last day of next month, last day of two months from date process runs, last day of previous month, etc.

  • Jason Burdette
  • May 5 2016
Organization Name (Please enter full organization name) University of Georgia
Reported Version 4.0
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