Identify spam complaints

Today, spam complaints that come in are treated as a soft bounce and therefore CRM continues to attempt to send email to constituents who reported the email as spam, although this is blocked by the email service for future sends.

We need to be able to identify these email addresses in query and from within sent email reports separately from other bounce types.

  • Samantha McGuin
  • Aug 30 2017
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    Samantha McGuin commented
    18 Oct, 2018 01:22pm

    Hello all!  Thanks for the votes and the continued eyes on this!  I want to give you a quick update. We conducted discovery on this earlier this year and have some stories and designs to help make this data easier to find ready for development. We plan to add some additional filters on the BBIS email "not sent" reports, but the real finding from discovery is that there needs to be a way, right from the constituent record, to tell that an email was not sent. We plan to add an indicator on the Communications tab that clearly indicates an email was not sent, with the exception message right there for you to see without having to go into BBIS, check the blacklist, or go anywhere else.

    We are currently planning this to release in the first half of 2019 (January or April release.) Look for more updates at future roadmap sessions and we will change the status once we have a release slated.

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    Samantha McGuin commented
    18 May, 2018 08:47pm

    We will be conducting discovery sessions on this topic in June. If anyone would be interested in joining a 30 minute session, please email to setup a discovery time.

  • Lori Lasansky commented
    19 Sep, 2017 02:00pm

    We heard that from Blackbaud support that if you use BBIS for email, the Blackbaud server blocks all future sends from our organization to all constituents that marked one of our emails as SPAM. This is a big problem because there is no visibility into this in CRM today - when you look at the person's email it appears sendable and when you look at the Communications tab, it appears they are getting emails - however this is not the case for anyone who has marked you as SPAM.

    Currently (SP12) when I look at the bounces in the BBIS reporting, I see them marked as a hard-bounce. However, you are correct in that they are treated as soft-bounces - no marking or action is taken in CRM. We would like to see a new Spam field added to email in CRM, would like to have BBIS update this flag when someone marks email as SPAM. We also need to be able to add a field to the Opt-out Page in BBIS for a constituent to mark or unmark this flag as desired (perhaps a checkbox that says "I have opted out by marking all community email as SPAM").

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