Add support for new email hard bounce reasons

Additional bounce statuses are now available for spam complaints and "previously marked as hard bounce" for blacklisted addresses. We should add filters and ensure that these statuses are reflected in the Inactive Addresses list in BBIS, in the Blacklisted Email Addresses tab in CRM and on the email address in the contact record.

  • Samantha McGuin
  • Mar 21 2018
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  • Christina Atkins commented
    March 28, 2018 18:21

    I absolutely agree. I am with Wake Forest University and we are a CRM client and based on the current configuration we can not truly know who is receiving our email messages as it appears they are sent and the email is valid (no hard bounce sign). The ability to see it reflected on the email address the BBIS and  Blacklisted lists would be extremely useful.

    Christina Atkins
    Director of Records
    Wake Forest University 

  • Guest commented
    April 04, 2018 11:58

    Yes please!

  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    May 18, 2018 20:48

    We will be conducting discovery sessions on this topic in June. If anyone would be interested in joining a 30 minute session, please email to setup a discovery time.

  • Stephanie Boyce commented
    June 08, 2018 13:46

    I second this! emailing Samantha to try to join in on a discovery session!

  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    December 19, 2018 18:29

    Based on discovery findings, we will be releasing several improvements over several upcoming releases to help show more information related to hard bounce including:

    1) Spam complaint filters in email reports
    2) Clear indicator that a message has bounced/failed on Communications tab of Constituent Record
    3) Bounce status and reason on Communications tab of Constituent Record for each reason.

    Our goal in these changes is to make troubleshooting reasons that a recipient didn't receive an email more efficient!

    We are currently looking at SP20 for these changes.