Please modify the email editor so it doesn't strip out the 'background' parameter

BBIS is defeating our efforts to create engaging emails with responsive design by stripping table cell 'background' parameters.

I've had our email newsletter designed by the Email Monks, who are very good at producing emails that work in all email clients. The task was made difficult by BBIS not allowing the email DOCTYPE to be specified or the HTML, HEAD and BODY tags to be edited. But impressively, they managed to do it anyway.

However in the end I’m being defeated by one additional BBIS quirk – the editor strips the ‘background’ parameter from table cells. This means that designs which rely on such images fail in Lotus Notes and in Microsoft’s web email client because they don't respect the CSS background-image property, either inline or in a STYLE block, so need to have 'background' as a fallback. This apparently affects about 5% of email recipients, but will probably grow with the roll-out of Office 365.

Some of the most engaging email designs heavily rely on background images because they allow html text and other content in HTML email to be floated over images. So this is very unfortunate.

Please fix this. It’s presumably a setting in the BBIS email editor and should be relatively easy to solve.

Effective communication is reliant on innovative email design, so it's unfortunate to have our efforts defeated by the system through which we must send our emails.

Thank you

  • Craig Allen
  • Feb 15 2017
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  • Admin
    Samantha McGuin commented
    February 27, 2017 15:02

    We are planning full head and body tag access within the BBIS email editor for SP13. This will take care of your background tag issue and allow dropping in responsive code much easier!

  • Craig Allen commented
    November 21, 2017 05:45

    I tested this when  the update came out and confirmed that BBIS does now allow editing of the DOCTYPE, HTML, HEAD and BODY tags. However only now have I attempted to implement an email design that uses the background parameter in table cells. Unfortunately it is still being stripped out.